CS Fic: Thaw


Summary: Once Elsa regained control of her magic it took her very little time to melt the ice. Emma, however, needed a little longer to warm up.

Warning: Spoilers for next week’s episode, but only what was shown in the promo.

Author’s Notes: So this was written because I really wanted Emma and Hook to cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix. Next week’s episode seemed the perfect way to make that happen.

Read it here on my AO3 account or continue reading below:

They rushed in as soon as enough of the thick ice was melted away. David got to her first, followed swiftly by Henry.

“Emma, thank god. You’re alright,” David gasped out as he wrapped his arms around her. Emma nodded wearily against his shoulder and pulled Henry into the hug, reveling in their warmth as they escorted her out of the melting cavern. On either side of them were Snow and Hook, and when they were through to the other side she could see what looked to be nearly the whole the town waiting.

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