For a while now I’ve been trying to write a sort of reverse version of the movie ‘Hook’.  It’s always been one of my favorites and the idea of it with Captain Swan sort of kills my soul.  So I finally have something I’m happy-ish with. I’ve been in such a writing slump lately so this is really a relief to post something. Thank you so much for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy! Definitely feel free to give me feedback—I kind of live for it. ;)



    Emma finished rinsing the last dish, slipping it carefully into Killian’s waiting hand.  He always insisted on helping with everything around the house—tasks big and small— and even in the 5 years they’d been married she still found herself surprised at just how much he could do with a wooden extremity.  Drying dishes was only the beginning of his long list of talents.
    (And Emma couldn’t deny that Captain freaking Hook helping her with the chores was extremely hot— dark eyes focused, jaw set, face handsomely concentrated on the job at hand).
    He caught her staring as he finished with the plate, eyes lighting right up, lips flitting into a gentle smirk.
    “Enjoying the view, darling?” he asked, swaying flirtatiously closer to her.
    “Don’t flatter yourself,” she rolled her eyes, and touched an imaginary spot on the corner of his lips, “You had chocolate… right there.”
    “Mmm. Chocolate, eh?” he asked, smirk widening.
    She nodded once, wishing those eyes weren’t so distracting, seeing right through her.
    “I had vanilla ice cream, my love,” he finally answered, eyes twinkling, and she groaned at her mistake momentarily, before he caught her lips in a gentle kiss.
    There was a pattering of small feet and Killian drifted away from her, bending to reach out as the blur of blonde curls approached, scooping her up against him.  Their little girl immediately curled against him.
    “Leia? What is it, love?” he asked, eyes immediately full of a concern that had frequented his expressions since Emma had first become pregnant.
    Emma stepped slightly forward to touch her back as she raised her teary blue eyes up to look between them, and her heart pattered.
    “There was a noise! In the windows, I’m sure of it,” she cried, little voice breaking off into tears.

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