how to fuck with hunters 101

you could totally get away with murder with these literally i mean if you got blood on the soles and made a trail people would probably just think it was an animal attack

Tumblr is officially full of psychopaths.

There is a fine line between psychopath and genius. People on Tumblr play jump-rope with this line.

That …was beautiful.




But like what if…

Killian gets his new outfit right before the Captain Swan date, and he shows up at Emma’s door in the clothes of this realm, and he’s a little grumbly because bloody hell it’s just another piece of his old life he’s letting go and sure a man needs clothes but why must everything in this realm be so bloody tight? 

And then the door opens and Emma is standing there in that short, black leather dress of hers and he’s just all




Anonymous asked:

why dou hate swanfire so much??

freyreh answered:


there are just so many reasons, darling, that i fear we’ll be here all night so I’ll make this as plain and simple for you as possible… here are the TOP FIVE REASONS i dislike swanfire…

05. He had a chance to come back to Emma. He preached to her how much he loved her in S3… yet when he was given the chance to come back to her when the curse was broken…. he ripped up the postcard August sent him—-then and there he had given up and didn’t want to fight for her or TRY to.


04. When Emma found him in NYC he said, to her face:


so, here he is not only putting her down, but admitting that given that he knew who she was, he’d have never been with her. 

03. He constantly belittles her feelings. He shrugged off and smirked any time she wanted to talk about their feelings—-


and even told her he never believed in her little “lie gift” to start with.


She even told him about not trusting Tamara and he patted her head and was all “oh baby, you’re just jelly” then suddenly was in love with her and wanted to be with her again when tamara was found to be evil…

02. He had sex with a girl that wasn’t a legal adult yet. Listen, you can preach to me all you want about consent in this state or that state and that you can be 16 here or 17 there… listen…. LISTEN. I don’t care. i find it gross. At the time he was over 100yrs old and looked to be about 22 if not more… its disgusting, plain and simple—-and he chose to not be PROTECTED during their sex. The fucker couldn’t bother putting on a condom? emma was 17, she was easily manipulated by the idea of love and got burned HARD for it—- DOUCHEBAG.

01. He was a coward. He could have stayed and broken the curse with her. He could have fought august and come up with a plan to get her to believe without abandoning her and letting her goto jail


how did they expect her to find out about SB without some sort of guidance? if she had not been pregnant, since they knew nothing of henry, who would have come and gotten her at the time? august? she’d have done to him what she did to hook and had him tossed in jail for harassment.

Something I think Graham, Hook, ((and even Regina for you SQers)) would have done is that they’d have fought for Emma, fought to stay with her I do believe, and not have ran with their tail between their legs. Neal saw this as an out and he took it. He took it because he hated magic and anything or anyone associated with it at the time… and even when he could have turned back he didn’t——he conspired WITH AUGUST to put her in jail… CONSPIRED! 


There are so many other reasons, but these are my top, feel free to reblog and add more if you all think of any that i missed!!!